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About Jaleen Grove

I was born on Canada's west coast and I lived there for about 15 years. I've also lived in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and a few months in Quebec; and in the US I have lived in New York, St Louis, and Sarasota. My home base is Hamilton, Ontario, near Toronto, but I am working in Providence, RI, USA, at present.

I was a fulltime artist until 2004, when I began my graduate studies. I have worked professionally in many areas of the visual arts, from photography to installation to sculpture to web design printmaking to book arts to illustration. Mostly I paint.

Coming from a family of artists and scientists, I have always taken inquisitiveness pretty seriously. One day I found that making art was not enough for me--I also needed to write about these inquisitions we call art. The act of creating has always been very important to me and that is essentially what I write about: artists' creating, and viewers' creating (which is often called understanding) as they absorb a work of art.






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