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The Illustrators Legacy Questionnaire

Illustrators, cartoonists, comics creators, and related types of artists: as part of my work at Washington University, I am offering a questionnaire designed to capture your career for posterity.

I cannot tell you how many times each year I get inquiries from people looking for information on long-gone illustrators... how will your legacy be recorded and preserved?

This questionnaire is a way for you to go "on file" at Washington University's DB Dowd Modern Graphic History Library, where our mandate is to record and preserve illustration history. Your answers will also help us understand the contemporary field better.

It’s a long questionnaire, but worth it.

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My research interests

Primarily my work is about preserving, documenting, and analyzing historic illustration and illustrators. I also write on contemporary illustration and practice, visual communication, visual culture, and national identity.

I am an Associate Editor of The History of Illustration, the first textbook to appear on the subject. It will be published in 2018.

I am also an Associate Editor of the Journal of Illustration.

In 2008 I began the Index of Canadian Illustrators. Additions and amendments to it are very welcome.

My 2014 dissertation, A Cultural Trade? Canadian Magazine Illustrators at Home and in the United States, 1880-1960, is about the ways nationalism was expressed in visual culture.

Illustrators I have published on or presented papers on include:

Anita Kunz (link coming after July 1, 2017)
Oscar Cahén
Walter Haskell Hinton
Robert Weaver
Olive Allen Biller
Many Illustrators based in Victoria, BC
Canadian women who illustrated in Chatelaine in the 1930s
Arthur Heming
Arthur William Brown
Russell Patterson

CW Jefferys




A corner of the DB Dowd Modern Graphic History Library.

B. Cory Kilvert

Henri Julien

Arthur William Brown

Arthur William Brown and Model, circa 1934

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