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Giving talks

I am available to give talks to students, the public, or private groups on any aspect of my research. All my lectures are profusely illustrated with powerpoint slides.

Video of me in a panel discussion

Subjects I can speak about include:

  • Canadian and American illustration history in general
  • History of Illustration book
  • How illustration fits into the rest of the art world
  • Current issues in illustration studies
  • Women in illustration
  • Chatelaine Magazine in the 1930s
  • Robert Weaver and the avant-garde
  • Oscar Cahén, eminent Canadian illustrator and painter
  • Walter Haskell Hinton and the popular American West
  • Olive Allen Biller, British children's illustrator in the UK and Canada
  • Russell Patterson and the sexualization of women in the 1920s
  • Arthur William Brown's life and career in the NY glamour industry
  • Arthur Heming and the romantic northern frontier

If you are wondering if I can speak to something related that you don't see here, please feel free to ask me about it.

My rates depend upon travel, time, and audience.


photo by erin caton



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