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Walter Haskell Hinton

Walter Haskell Hinton had a very long career from about 1905 to 1975. His grandchildren invited me to write an exhibition catalogue for a show of his western sketches and paintings. The catalogue turned into a short book, a critical biography of his multi-faceted career working for a Chicago ad agency, for calendar companies, and for corporations such as John Deere.

The project also brought to light a series of canvases picturing Native Americans that Hinton had made specially for himself and to promote native rights following the 1947-48 deprivations of the Navajo and Hopi.

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The book, titled Walter Haskell Hinton: Illustrator of the Popular American West, was issued in an extremely limited run using print-on-demand. It is currently sold out but more may be available at a later date. Email me for details.















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